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apartment building with artificial grass

How Weather Affects Artificial Grass in San Diego

San Diego is a desirable place to live in part, thanks to its weather. The city enjoys plentiful sun year-round, with rainy days rare and…

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Installing artificial grass on concrete

Installing Artificial Grass on Concrete: What You Should Know

Artificial turf is a versatile lawn alternative that can be installed on several different kinds of surfaces. It can replace a real lawn on top…

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San Diego home with a US Turf yard

Sustainable Landscape Design Ideas in San Diego for 2021

Sustainable landscape design is a trend that will continue into 2021, as property owners look for new ways to improve the environmental footprints of their…

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10 Landscape Design Trends to Watch for in 2021

As the population moves outdoors, with more interest in spending time outside the home in green spaces, large and small, landscape design trends will reflect…

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artificial turf in a backyard

Artificial Grass Before and After: Five of our Favorite Transformations

We’ve transformed the landscapes of thousands of homes and businesses across San Diego. Each project is unique with different goals, uses, and aesthetics, from commercial…

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Synthetic grass golf turf

6 Reasons Why Golfers Choose Artificial Putting Green Turf

Even if you live in a city like San Diego, where golf year-round is a possibility, true golf lovers are always looking for ways to…

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US Turf Artificial turn front lawn

What Is the Ideal Base for Artificial Turf?

So you’ve made the decision to install artificial turf due to one or more of its many benefits, whether it’s because you’re looking for something…

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Dog and child playing on USTurf artificial grass

Which Turf Option is Right for You?

Researching the many options and combinations involved with artificial turf selection is the right first step to ensure you’re satisfied long-term with the look of…

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How to Make a Small Backyard Look Bigger

No matter the size, your backyard can be the setting for fun family activities and a natural escape. More scientists and doctors are encouraging patients…

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How to Make Your Artificial Turf Lawn Look More Natural

Grandma’s flat, lime-green, back patio or mudroom carpet isn’t anything you want to put on your lawn. You might be surprised, however, at how far…

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What to Look for When Choosing an Artificial Turf Company

US Turf has premiere materials to install artificial turf for any home or commercial project. All of the products are manufactured with specific applications in…

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worker mowing the lawn

Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf: The Pros and Cons [Infographic]

Taking pride in the appearance of your house and yard is one of the many responsibilities of owning a home. An appealing landscape is a…

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playground turf

5 Reasons Why Your School Needs Playground Turf

Are you a school administrator, a daycare owner, or anyone else surrounded by kids at all times? If you’re responsible for the safety and care…

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Is Artificial Turf Safe for Children and Pets?

  If you live in a drought-prone area or you’re just tired of spending your precious weekends keeping up with the yard work, you’ve probably…

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How to Care for Your Artificial Turf

Artificial lawns are a great option for home and business owners who want the fresh look of a bright green lawn all year long without…

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Low-Traffic Vs. High-Traffic Turf (Going Into Durability)

Many homeowners are switching over to artificial turf due to the bevy of benefits. One of the prime benefits of artificial grass is that it…

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Get the Most Out of Your Turf by Following These Maintenance Tips

Homeowners love artificial grass for many reasons. One of the best benefits of installing artificial turf is that care and maintenance are minimal. We all…

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4 Things to Know Before Self-Installing Your Own Turf

If you’re tired of wasting time mowing, watering, fertilizing, and spraying your lawn for pesticides, a synthetic lawn might be the right option for you….

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Why Golf Enthusiasts are Shifting to Artificial Turf

For any golf enthusiast, anything less than perfect grass is not acceptable. However, perfect grass takes a lot of work and money.  What if you…

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Sun and Pets in the Summer: Where Grass Fails and Turf Thrives

Every summer you get frustrated at the brown patches in your yard. No matter how much grass seed you sow, the same thing happens every…

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4 Ways You Can Integrate Turf into Your Commercial Building

When it comes to sprucing up your backyard, it’s hard to go wrong with artificial turf. Not only does it require little to no maintenance,…

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5 Tips that Help the Process of Self-Installation Turf

Artificial turf is growing in popularity and turf products are increasing in availability. Thus, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are opting for artificial turf….

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3 Ways You Will Improve Your Game with Artificial Golf Turf

Ask experts how you can improve your golf game and they will likely tell you ‘practice, practice, and practice’. The difficult part is trying to…

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The 4 Benefits of Installing Turf for Your Office Building

Many homeowners have already chosen synthetic grass and have found creative ways to integrate it into their homes. This trend has extended to many business…

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Why Turf Infill Is Crucial for Good-Looking Artificial Grass

If you’ve ever played sports on turf, you remember the little rubber turf beads that seemingly followed you for weeks after the activity was over….

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Why You Should Hire Professional Turf Installers vs. DIY

Synthetic turf installation is a luxury in your home or landscape. Especially in areas of drought, there are many artificial turf benefits to consider, like…

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artificial turf installation

5 Rules to Remember About Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial turf is one of the fastest-growing modern home trends. With recent innovations in technology, synthetic turf is now more durable and natural-looking than ever….

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Helen Woodward Animal Center

Our Work with the Helen Woodward Animal Center

  Nestled in the pleasant community of Rancho Santa Fe, Northern San Diego County, the Helen Woodward Animal Center is a private non-profit organization that…

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Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Creating a Beautiful Yard with Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Your yard is a little slice of nature, and it takes great care to curate the plants, gardening features, and outdoor spaces to your exact…

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artificial lawn US Turf

5 Surprising Facts About Artificial Lawns

Many of our clients, including homeowners, business owners, golf courses, schools, and more, purchase synthetic turf to lower their running costs and make outdoor maintenance…

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landscape design

5 Eco-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas for Your Backyard

If you’ve recently purchased a home with a yard or want to make some changes to your existing backyard, it makes sense to consider some…

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fake grass

Care Tips: How to Clean Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

Fake grass can come in handy for a homeowner. Not only is it easier to care for, it usually costs less to maintain throughout its…

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artificial turf

Is Artificial Turf Worth the Home Upgrade?

Over the last decade, artificial turf has skyrocketed in popularity. That’s because it is a low maintenance alternative to having a great looking yard all…

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fake grass safe for children

Common Myths – Is Fake Grass Safe For Children?

  Children spend a great deal of their childhood outside. School sports, garden playtime, playground park visits. Most parents wouldn’t think twice about whether the…

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artificial grass

Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is an Asset for Your Home

Maintaining your lawn can be a full-time job. Constant watering, mowing, and fertilizing all year round with the added concern that someone might just step…

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pet turf

Everything You Need To Know About Pet Turf

Do you have a pet that is destroying your yard with his bathroom breaks? Are you searching for a way for your pet to relieve…

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