Six Reasons Why Golfers Choose Artificial Putting Green Turf Six Reasons Why Golfers Choose Artificial Putting Green Turf
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6 Reasons Why Golfers Choose Artificial Putting Green Turf

November 23, 2020

Even if you live in a city like San Diego, where golf year-round is a possibility, true golf lovers are always looking for ways to improve their access to the game. That means a growing number of golfers are starting to install putting greens at their homes and businesses.


Why Golfers Love Turf for Their Putting Greens

Let’s look at six reasons why artificial putting green turf is quickly becoming the choice for golfers and why turf for golf enthusiasts is a growing trend.


1. No Time Wasted

If you opt for real grass on your putting green, you may need to wait until that grass is established enough before practicing any putts. If you’re planting grass from the seed level, you’ll need to wait even longer. With an artificial putting green turf, you’ll be tapping those golfballs in with little time wasted after installation.

That’s all on top of the convenience of having a putting green in your backyard. You’ll surely save the time it takes to get to the course or the driving range to practice your putting skills.


golf balls on artificial turf


2. Little Upkeep

There’s a reason artificial turf is becoming a popular option overall for home and business owners looking for beautiful but grass-free landscaping. It’s low-maintenance.

That applies to artificial putting greens, too. You won’t need to water your putting green turf or keep it cut the way you like it. Weeding is reduced with minimal care and measures taken with your installation, and you certainly won’t need to fertilize. As long as your artificial turf is installed correctly, you won’t have to do much with it after installation. That leaves more time for the golf game you’re looking to improve.

Less water means it’s an environmentally-friendly option, as well. In a place like San Diego, where golfers must adapt to play in drought conditions, it’s an important consideration. It has been a big reason why artificial turf is a growing market overall.


Artificial turf putting green


3. Location, Location, Location

With artificial turf, you won’t need to worry about whether your putting green is getting enough sunlight or whether the ground underneath is suitable for your new project.

Your putting green can go wherever you’d like or wherever suits you and your space. If you’re limited to a corner of the yard, that will work for an artificial putting green turf.

If you have more space and want to customize something with a bit more flair, you can do that, too, without having to consider any environmental limitations. You can even choose that perfect shade for your blades to go with the existing surroundings. The possibilities are numerous.


artificial turf putting green in a backyard


4. Keep Things Tidy & Consistent

With artificial turf, you can worry less about rambunctious kids or pups ruining your putting green. Synthetic turf is not only easier to maintain but easier to clean and pet-friendly. That allows you to not only avoid losing out on any days where you can improve your golf skills but boast a beautifully-maintained greenspace that doesn’t lose its luster following a round of rough play.

With fewer possibilities for any changes to your putting green, you can be more consistent with your game, as well. You won’t need to wait for regrowth if your dog digs a hole in your turf or wait until mud puddles dry after a rainstorm.

Your putting green will be there waiting for you, just as it was the day before. It’s a durable, consistent surface, no matter the conditions.


5. It’s Budget-Friendly

When considering the costs of grass maintenance and future improvements that may need to be made to a putting green with real grass, artificial turf is also the economical choice for a putting green.

Once it’s installed, all you need to supply is the golfing equipment. That leaves more room in your budget to play a round at the course once you’ve perfected those putts.


Pet-friendly putting green


6. Improve Your Game

Golfers may be used to real grass when hitting the links, but advancements in artificial turf have made turf comparable to the feel of rounds on natural grass. Golf and putting green turf have become particularly linked in the golf world as convenient, consistent options for amateurs and the more serious golfer. Even luxury hotels are getting in on the artificial putting green trend.

Proper installation of your artificial turf will ensure a smooth surface for consistent rolls and for you to practice your putting game on for years to come. With the consistency that comes with artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about potential grooves or divots in your putting surface that will trip you up while you’re practicing. Artificial putting greens are ideal for golfers looking to spend time improving their game rather than improving their putting greens.

An even surface also means you won’t have to worry about potential injuries from uneven grass. You want to be spending your time working on your putting skills rather than nursing preventable injuries.


The Best Putting Green Turf in San Diego

Now that we’ve convinced you that artificial turf is the way to go for your putting green, what is the best putting green turf out there so you can start improving your golf game?

Let the artificial turf specialists at US Turf San Diego help you find your ideal putting green turf based on your budget, installation location, and goals for your putting game.

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