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Meet the US Turf Team

Team Pride

US Turf is reinventing the meaning of customer service by cultivating a team that values the importance of accuracy as much as kindness.

For home and business owners, installing turf is an exciting choice, but selecting the right company to completely reinvent a space is a big decision. That is why we have built a team that can be trusted on every level to carry out your vision.

We believe that by building our team thoughtfully we can continue to enhance our customer experience. We pride ourselves on selecting team members who recognize the importance of understanding the distinctive needs of each customer we have the opportunity to serve.

Our reliable and caring team at US Turf is truly our greatest asset and they are eager to serve you.


University of Delaware Graduate

Knowing that many pet owners struggle with maintaining their yards, I love being able to help customers create a functional yard for their furry friends, one without ugly brown spots and holes from digging. As a pet owner myself, I love that US Turf is safe for pets and that I always have a perfect looking yard, no matter how wild my dog gets.

Interests are exploring outdoors, photography and spending time with my family.


San Diego State University Graduate

What I love about having US Turf in my home is the efficiency it brings to our lives. No longer are we tied to the schedules of watering, mowing, cleaning muddy shoes, etc. I love showing customers the freedom of cleanliness, lower water bills and the ability to refrain from doing yard work.

Interests are chocolate chip cookies, petting every dog I see, and reading good books.


San Diego State University Graduate

I like to see our customer’s instant satisfaction from installing beautiful US Turf in their previously less-appealing yard. Having artificial turf in my front and backyard myself, I use my experience to help customers with design and purchasing decisions based on the use of each area, making sure their needs and desires are understood and met.

Interests are being outside, good barbeque, and traditional country music.


Marine Corps Infantry Veteran San Diego State University Graduate

I entered the synthetic grass industry to help people conserve water and contribute positively to the environment. I strive to help homeowners transform their landscapes by using American made products, attention to detail that I learned in the Marine Corps, and the care of a neighbor as a California native.

Interests are working out, music festivals, and spending time with friends.


US Turf Team Member

As an animal advocate I love educating pet parents on the benefits of having artificial turf at their home or business. Indeed, artificial turf is pet safe, but I believe turf is actually pet preferred!  Natural grass in Southern California struggles to survive and attracts fleas and parasites year-round. These dangers to our pets can be solved with the installation of artificial turf.  I enjoy getting to know our clients and introducing them to the countless benefits of our USA made turf.

My interests include traveling and spoiling my dogs.  I am a French Bulldog rescuer and a pilot in training.


Old Dominion University Graduate

I joined US Turf because it’s literally the green way to go. I love saving my customers hundreds of dollars on their water bills while positively impacting the environment. I’m proud to work for US Turf; a company whose products conserve water, while being pet and kid friendly!

Interests include cooking, camping, and digging into great books.


Installation Crew Leader

I am very passionate about my work installing artificial turf here at US Turf. I love that artificial turf helps save natural resources while ensuring that yards always look great for our customers. Over the years, I have loved seeing how realistic the different types of artificial turf have become while also being versatile.

Interests include exploring new bars & restaurants, spending time with my family, and watching good movies.


San Diego State University Graduate

Being introduced to the artificial grass industry through sports, I have been using turf my whole life. It’s a joy of mine to help others build their own custom putting greens, or areas where they can spend time outside with friends and family. I love working for US Turf because it is the ultimate pleasure helping a customer turn his outside area into his dream yard.

Interests: Any sports activity, spending time with my dogs, socializing with friends.


San Diego State University Graduate

Working with US Turf has opened my eyes to all of the benefits of premium, artificial turf. I love how artificial turf allows my family and I to enjoy more time outside in our yards with little-to-no maintenance and an always perfect entertainment area. I love getting to meet new people, share this experience with our customers and help transform their yards into places they can enjoy with their families as well.

My interests include spending time outdoors, riding motorcycles, swimming, and watching sports!


Installation Crew Leader

After being in the landscaping industry for over 30 years, I can say that I truly love installing artificial turf. The satisfaction and happiness I see on customer’s faces when I finish their yard makes my job worth it. I love working with our team to create an ideal yard for the customer’s needs and making sure each and every customer is happy.

Interests include hanging out with my sons, cooking, and watching basketball.


San Diego State University Graduate

To me, installing USA made US Turf at my house was the highest priority. Knowing my young kids are safe playing all day on products made here in the United States instead of overseas is worth the peace of mind. I love that I can help customers create a safe and enjoyable space for their families to enjoy as I do with mine.

Interests are spending time with my husband & 2 kiddos, anything chocolate & trying new recipes.


University of Oklahoma

The first time I saw artificial grass that was installed in somebody’s yard I instantly fell in love! I think having a perfect looking lawn 24/7 is priceless. I grew up on three acres in Northern California and every other weekend it was my job to make sure my lawn looked perfect, which would take me hours and hours. The thought of having something installed that looks perfect 24/7 with very little work is priceless to me. I love seeing people get excited about their installations because I truly understand the value in having turf installed.
My interests are going to the beach, being on the lake, and visiting the desert! I love being near or on the water! I am a huge sports guy and especially love college football and basketball.


US Turf Team Member

I really enjoy teaming up with homeowners to design and transform their yards with US Turf. We take the hassle away from homeowners with the maintenance and steep water bills that come along with having real grass. With our artificial turf, families get to come home to a perfect looking yard every single day. My interests are playing billiards, visiting local restaurants, and spending time with my family.

Ryan M

Penn State University Graduate

With a Bachelor of Science in Turfgrass, my love for the industry continues to grow. Being introduced to turf through golf, I discovered my passion for designing and transforming homeowners’ properties. US Turf has shown me great ways to expand my knowledge in the artificial turf boom in southern California.
In my free time I like to golf and to rock climb with friends.

Shane Brown

Soy de Panamá, así que hablo español

As someone who spends most of their free time outdoors, I am proud to be on a team whose shared mission is to help people create their ideal outdoor landscape, so they can enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and clean environment.  Standing at the forefront of this industry, educating our customers on the latest advancements in artificial turf; brings me joy and purpose. I am happy to help people save time and money by switching over to a more drought-tolerant, low-maintenance landscape option.

My hobbies include surfing with friends, hiking and camping in California’s beautiful National Parks, and traveling whenever I can.


Do you believe you have what it takes to be a part of the US Turf Team?  We are always looking for dependable candidates, with meticulous attention to detail and a knack for understanding people. Email us at

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