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4 Things to Know Before Self-Installing Your Own Turf

October 28, 2019

If you’re tired of wasting time mowing, watering, fertilizing, and spraying your lawn for pesticides, a synthetic lawn might be the right option for you. Many home and business owners have opted for artificial grass in recent years due to the number of benefits it can offer when compared to real grass. While many companies offer turf installation services, it’s often more cost-effective and simple to tackle a turf self-install project.

What You Should Know About Installing Your Own Turf

Read on to find out how you can get a low maintenance, beautiful lawn without the cost of a professional installation. 

Preparing Your Space

Before you begin the process of installing your own turf, it is essential to properly prepare the space and create the best possible foundation for your new lawn. This can include leveling the ground, getting rid of existing grasses or weeds, and making sure the location of your choice will allow for ample drainage during the wet seasons. When you take the time to prepare your property for self-installed synthetic turf, you can maximize the potential lifespan of your lawn and increase the level of safety for friends, family, and pets. 

Turf Self-Install Process 

There are a variety of turf materials available for homeowners to purchase. You can consult your local provider to determine which height, weight, and color are best for your unique needs. Once you’ve selected your desired turf and prepared the space, you can begin the self-installation process. You can opt to lay down weed control fabric if you know your lawn is prone to unsightly growth and if you know that no dogs will be urinating on the turf.

Most artificial lawns come packaged in a convenient, easy to move roll, which you can lay across the surface you wish to cover. When you unroll the sections onto your lawn, make sure the grass is facing the same direction to ensure a uniform look and clean installation. Nails are used to secure the lawn in place and the realistic, dense blades will be able to cover any signs of the lawn’s construction.  

Low Maintenance Lawn 

Artificial turf is a great option for homeowners who want to have a luscious green lawn without wasting every weekend on yard work. Luckily, caring for synthetic grass is much easier, faster, and cost-effective than maintaining a natural lawn. You only need to occasionally hose down the synthetic lawn, as opposed to natural lawns that require constant watering. In addition, when it comes to fall cleanup, raking up leaves is a breeze on synthetic grass because the leaves to do not stick and crumble on the surface. 

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Along with offering a lawn that is lush and green year-round, artificial turf can give homeowners a number of unexpected benefits. In the long run, you’ll be able to keep more money in your pocket by avoiding the need for costly maintenance fees, as well as facilitating an eco-friendly property, thanks to the decrease in water use and pesticides. 

Synthetic grass is ideal for families with kids and pets because the durable, nonabrasive surface is softer on skin and clothing and won’t leave unsightly grass stains behind. Additionally, synthetic turf is constructed to have a shock-absorbing under layer, which can help protect your family from injuries associated with falling. 

US Turf San Diego

If you’re looking for a low maintenance way to have an amazing lawn, US Turf can help make your property stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on our diverse range of synthetic grasses for indoor and outdoor use. Contact one of our friendly experts today to find out more about the turf self-install and determine which style is right for you. 

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