Four Ways You Can Integrate Turf into Your Commercial Building Four Ways You Can Integrate Turf into Your Commercial Building
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4 Ways You Can Integrate Turf into Your Commercial Building

July 24, 2019

When it comes to sprucing up your backyard, it’s hard to go wrong with artificial turf. Not only does it require little to no maintenance, but it also looks great year-round.

But turf is more than just an outdoor grass alternative; it is also used for commercial indoor spaces. If you are looking for some ideas for how to use artificial turf in a commercial space, look no further. Here are some of the best ways to use artificial turf in your commercial building.

1. Build an Office Park

Being exposed to nature has been proven to improve both self-esteem and mood. This is also true when it comes to a workplace setting. A green workplace is a productive workplace.

Perhaps the most obvious application of commercial building turf is an indoor or outdoor park. Basically, it’s a green space where employees can just lounge around, clear their heads, and relax for a bit. It may also be used as a work area for employees who need a change of scenery.

2. Install an Indoor Putting Green

Instead of providing a simple space for employees to relax and gather their thoughts, wouldn’t it be nice if employees could play a round of putting whenever they could take a break? That’s right, an indoor or outdoor putting green is one of the best benefits of installing turf in your office building

Including a putting green in an office floor plan is a surefire way to build rapport and boost office camaraderie among employees. It might also help attract the best employees! 

3. Install Turf on the Walls

The main advantage of using artificial grass is that it doesn’t follow the same rules as natural grass. While natural grass can usually only grow on the ground (or in soil installed inside a building, usually on the floor),  artificial turf is much more versatile. 

This means that you can achieve a modern, creative look in indoor space by installing commercial building turf to cover the walls. The design simulates the feeling of being outside, which could boost employee productivity and overall job satisfaction. It’s generally much more pleasant to spend time in green spaces, compared to standard office space! 

4. Artificial Greens as Carpet

Who says you can’t use artificial turf in a workspace in lieu of carpet or tile?

There are many commercial spaces and offices that use artificial turf because it’s easy to clean, carries no odors, doesn’t hold moisture, and the non-slip surface is ideal for high traffic areas. Synthetic grass has excellent shock absorbency which can help in minimizing workplace injuries.

Using commercial building turf as carpet can also improve the space from a visual standpoint. It can take the visual appeal of the room to a whole new level, which in turn can help foster more positivity and productivity. 

Make Way for a Greener Workplace

Feeling inspired yet?

Hopefully, these ideas have demonstrated how versatile commercial turf installation can be. With a little bit of creativity, installing commercial building turf can help provide the platform for a better, more beautiful workplace. 

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