10 Landscape Design Trends to Watch for in 2022 - US Turf San Diego 10 Landscape Design Trends to Watch for in 2022 - US Turf San Diego
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10 Landscape Design Trends to Watch for in 2022

January 21, 2022

As the population moves outdoors, with more interest in spending time outside the home in green spaces, large and small, landscape design trends will reflect that in the coming year.

And as artificial turf only grows in popularity, you can bet it features prominently in both residential and commercial landscaping moving forward. Let’s take a look at these ten landscape design trends to watch for in 2022 to give you some ideas on how to update your outdoor spaces in ways that will not only look modern but stand the test of time.

1. Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Following the installation of new landscaping, whether for residential or commercial purposes, there aren’t many people out there who want to be tending to that landscaping regularly. Growing grass needs to be mowed, shrubs pruned, and plants watered to maintain a healthy appearance.

The move to artificial turf is then a reasonable one, as it’s a low-maintenance landscaping alternative for those who don’t have the time or green thumb to put toward more intricate landscaping management. Consider the time and cost savings of artificial turf in an office building, for example, where the focus should be on business productivity rather than ensuring the lawn is watered and tidy.

low maintenance landscaping

2. Sustainable Green Spaces

Landscaping design has been trending toward the more sustainable for years now, but it’s now quite apparent – and socially responsible – that new landscaping is installed with sustainability in mind. There has been a move to native plant species, a focus on ways to use organic planting methods, and efforts to conserve water using artificial turf, especially in regions like southern California affected by drought.

drought tolerant landscape

3. Enhanced Outdoor Living

Those lucky enough to live in a year-round outdoor destination like San Diego are already spending more time outside than most. With more time spent at home over the last year, that focus on comfortable outdoor living has only grown in importance, with residents wanting living spaces that feel like home on the outside, as well. That means areas designed for spending time together in a meaningful way: gazebos, fire pits, even outdoor workspaces, with comfortable walking surfaces underneath your feet.

outdoor space with fire pit

4. Unique Design Features

A good lawn will likely never go out of style. Still, for those feeling more adventurous, landscape and garden design ideas will always include some playful elements to add intrigue to an otherwise conservative green space. Designers will be playing with patterns, materials, and surfaces to create functional and eye-catching areas. This includes mixed landscaping and artificial turf mixed with perennials or native plants to create sustainable, beautiful spaces.

water design feature in backyard

5. Turf and Golf

Artificial turf will continue to grow as a more sustainable, drought-tolerant option for golf enthusiasts on both golf courses and those looking to practice their skills at home on an artificial putting green turf. On top of water conservation efforts here in southern California, golfers find that turf is more durable and attractive in the long run with heavy use. The expanding relationship between artificial turf and golf is here to stay.

artificial turf putting green

6. Spaces for Unwinding

Residential landscaping trends for 2022 include spaces made for relaxing, with areas for privacy, comfortable seating areas and gardens that resemble an oasis. Nature is a great way to escape from daily stress, so we’ll see more and more yards with zen, sanctuary vibe. These outdoor spaces create areas dedicated to unwinding for instant calm, right at home.

relaxing yard space

7. Landscaping on a Budget

Landscaping may not be at the forefront of anyone’s mind if budgets are being cut at home and work, despite all of the known benefits of green spaces. In areas where landscaping does make the cut, there will be an eye toward doing so on a budget and looking for ways to cut costs on the installation of fresh landscaping and maintenance. While artificial turf is more expensive up front, the overall care from there – think expenses related to water, labor, and general upkeep – is much lower with artificial turf. Residents and businesses will undoubtedly be considering both short- and long-term costs with future projects.

office landscaping

8. Spaces for Everyone

With children spending more time at home, residential outdoor spaces have become a family affair, with lessons learned in gardening and yard maintenance and parents urging children to use available outdoor spaces. Another consideration should be the durability of green space, as more use of any space means an increase in wear and tear. Artificial turf will continue growing in popularity as a durable option for families focused on outdoor living, as it offers a longer-lasting solution for outdoor play spaces and families with active kids and pets.

child and dog playing in the yard

9. Home Gardening

The previous year has seen an increase in interest in locally-sourced ingredients and home gardening for several reasons. People are looking for ways to spend time at home in a more meaningful way. Pairing fruiting plants and vegetable gardens with low-maintenance artificial turf elements is an option for those looking for flexibility in their landscaping.

home gardening

10. Mixed Landscaping

If you’re interested in water conservation but also love the look of fresh plants or a growing garden, you’ll be on-trend by looking into mixed landscaping. Residential landscaping with synthetic grass can be the answer for those seeking landscape designs that offer flexibility where it counts. You can have a low-maintenance lawn with flowering plants. You can even mix artificial trees with live shrubs for a unique look that suits your tastes. Your landscape design should reflect what you want out of it in the end.

landscaped backyard

Bring Landscape Design Trends Home

Now that you know all about the landscape design trends for the upcoming year and beyond, you may be feeling like your landscaping needs a facelift. Connect with us at US Turf San Diego for advice and a free estimate on the project you’re interested in. We can help you update your landscaping and help you with ideas on beautiful outdoor spaces.

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