Common Myths – Is Fake Grass Safe For Children?


Children spend a great deal of their childhood outside. School sports, garden playtime, playground park visits. Most parents wouldn’t think twice about whether the natural grass is safe, but artificial grass, on the other hand, sparks a whole series of questions. Is fake grass safe for children? You may be surprised to find that it is, and while in life, natural is best (most of the time), artificial grass may be the safer option for children.


Common Questions Parents Ask

Here are some of the most common queries and answers about artificial turf that will explain how and why artificial grass is a completely safe option for children.


Is Artificial Turf Allergen-Free?

Hay fever and allergies can produce unpleasant symptoms such as itchy eyes, a runny nose, and rashes. Many common allergens such as grass and pollen can also cause asthma attacks and even anaphylaxis.


Artificial turf is non-allergenic, so it can’t trigger allergies. It is also non-toxic, meaning it contains no harmful chemicals so your children will not be exposed to any toxins. Even the infill installation materials are safe. It is important to note that although artificial grass is better for allergies, it won’t eliminate pollen carried from nearby flowers and trees.


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Is Artificial Grass Safe For Toddlers To Play On?

Over time, natural grass will wear, and inconsistencies and holes will form in the ground. These holes can be a tripping risk, especially for children of all ages who are constantly running around. The holes can also fill with water when it rains which can then create a muddy and slippery surface. 


Artificial grass is durable; it can withstand high-traffic areas with minimal impact on its function and appearance. Another advantage of artificial grass is that it has an extremely high drainage rate, so water does not collect as it does with natural grass and drains more efficiently. This also means that any time is playtime, regardless of the weather! US Turf also provides different infills that help keep young children safe and create a soft surface for falls. 

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Is Artificial Grass Toxic?

Natural grass is only natural if it contains no chemicals or pesticides – which is quite rare. These toxic products are known to be harmful to children. We use artificial turf that is safe for toddlers and children because it consists of non-toxic materials that do not require dangerous chemicals for maintenance. 


Are Artificial Lawns Clean?

With artificial grass, there are no grass stains or mud to watch out for. This means children can keep themselves and their clothes clean when playing outside- and it doesn’t hurt that this makes washing a lot easier for parents! Part of keeping your artificial lawn clean is sticking to a proper maintenance routine.  Routine upkeep of artificial grass can help keep your lawn clean and extend its longevity, so you and your family can enjoy your artificial grass for years to come.  


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Can Artificial Lawns Reduce Bacteria Growth?

Artificial grass contains anti-microbial agents that can help to fight bacteria that would otherwise thrive. These anti-microbial agents also help prevent and neutralize odors. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your artificial lawn will also aid in fighting off unwanted bacteria along with the anti-microbial agents already embedded in the lawn. All environments contain bacteria, but artificial turf can help to make the space safer and cleaner.


Are Artificial Lawns Fire-Safe?

If you’ve ever seen natural grass burn, you’ll know that it’s extremely fast and relentless. At US Turf, your safety is our top priority. That is why we use fire-rated materials to produce lawns that are fire-resistant. In the unfortunate event of a fire, our lawns will not catch or spread the flames. 

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Artificial Turf for Kids

US Turf is based in San Diego, and are experts in the field of artificial lawn installation. We offer high-quality American-made safe artificial turf for residential and commercial use. Our grass is safe for both children and pets and could prove to be a great investment for your home or business. Whatever your artificial turf needs are, US Turf has the right lawn for you. If you’re ready to get started with adding fake grass that’s safe for children into your home or business, let us know. We’d love to put together a free quote for your next project. 

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