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A Complete Guide to Artificial Grass for Rooftop Decks

July 22, 2021

In urban settings like San Diego, you may be limited to what you can do with your outside space, whether you’re working with artificial grass or not. The closer you are to downtown, the less yard space you may have to work with. 

That doesn’t mean you’re doomed when it comes to finding ways to benefit from that year-round sunshine. That’s where artificial grass for rooftop decks comes in, a creative way to use the space you have.

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Artificial Grass Roof Benefits

There are several benefits to adding artificial grass to a rooftop deck. Let’s take a look at a few and why it could work with your space:

  • Artificial grass on decking looks good. It’s an attractive way to spruce up any outside space, let alone space with a view.
  • It’s a green roof without extensive maintenance. As with an artificial lawn in a traditional yard space, you won’t need to water artificial grass or spend valuable time weeding. Minimal raking and cleaning is all that is recommended for your turf to keep its luster.
  • It’s versatile. Mix it in with real plants for a unique garden space, create a play space for the kids, or use it in a pet run to exercise the dog spending too much time indoors. You don’t need to cover the entire rooftop space with artificial grass, and it works on most surfaces.
  • Artificial grass is functional. You don’t need to worry about it being trampled if it’s going to get a lot of use or be affected by the weather up there. Our high-quality synthetic turf is designed for long-term wear and tear.
  • It’s affordable. Your costs are minimal after installation, and you’ll be saving on a watering bill that would surely go up if you used natural grass on your rooftop deck. It also serves as an added layer of insulation for the rooms below in the heat and the cold. It’s a win-win.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Those who live in a drought-prone part of the country know the importance of water conservation. Artificial turf is a great first step while adding some usable green space to your building.

Things to Consider With Artificial Grass on Decking

Before installing synthetic grass on your rooftop space, it’s important that you consider a few things that will help you nail down everything from project time to budget to materials used for your plans.

What is the goal for your rooftop space?

Think about what you want out of your rooftop space. Will it be used primarily as a pet relief area? Artificial turf for dog parks is popular for a reason. Perhaps you envision an artificial turf putting green on your roof mixed in with all of your favorite container plants.

If you’re looking to install turf at your place of business, you’ll want to consider your options for commercial artificial grass installation. The purposes will be different for commercial turf, whether you’re looking to create a gathering space for employees or simply want to make your rooftop more aesthetically pleasing. 

Considering what you’ll be using your space for will help you decide which turf option is right for you.

Were you planning on grilling up there?

Artificial grass can be used in so many different ways, but there’s one scenario that needs special consideration. If you’re planning on doing any grilling or installing fire pits on your rooftop deck, you’ll want to make sure to avoid laying out turf anywhere embers are possible.

Embers and heat at that level could damage your turf, leading to costly repairs or turf replacement that will make your low-maintenance project more expensive in the long run. If you need that barbecue fix, plan accordingly. Plan to incorporate turf far enough away from any flames that it won’t be affected by fire and heat.

Is an outdoor space feasible on your rooftop deck?

You won’t be able to install fresh turf on your rooftop deck if you don’t know whether your roof will support the weight of not only the installation but any activities you plan on doing up there.

A professional turf company will help you determine whether your rooftop will support artificial turf and any additional furniture, features, or landscaping you want in your project. 

Outside of structural concerns, your turf experts will also know whether the surface area you’re working with will work with your project. Turf is incredibly versatile, but different surfaces will require unique treatments. 

You’ll want to make sure to do some waterproofing if the surface area is wooden decking, for example, to prevent wood rot down the line. A professional turf installer will know what to recommend across surface areas. 

Who should you choose to install your artificial grass?

One of the most important considerations with artificial grass on a rooftop is the installation process. You’ll want to make sure you’re working with an established company that has experience not only with artificial turf but installing turf on rooftops.

DIY projects or improper installations can lead to drainage issues, lumpy surface areas, and unattractive spaces that won’t add anything of value to your rooftop deck. This isn’t a project you want to cut corners on.

Artificial Grass San Diego: Where to Book

Are you considering artificial grass on your rooftop deck? With extensive experience in residential and commercial projects, we have the expertise you need to complete your project safely, efficiently, and beautifully.

Get a free estimate on your project from US Turf, San Diego’s artificial turf experts.

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