5 Eco Friendly Landscape Design Ideas for Your Backyard 5 Eco Friendly Landscape Design Ideas for Your Backyard
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5 Eco-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas for Your Backyard

September 30, 2021

Updating the landscaping of your outdoor spaces can instantly improve the value of your home, create new places to gather for family and friends or simply make your residence more inviting.

With the variety of landscape design ideas out there, deciding where to start can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. We have some tips on where to focus your thinking regarding your landscape design, whether you’re seeking function, aesthetics or a combination of the two. 

Landscaped from yard in San Diego with artificial grass

Creating a Lush and Sustainable Landscape Design You’ll Love

An eco-friendly yard doesn’t have to look barren or desolate, and you are far from limited to simply choosing desert plants like cacti when it comes to vegetation. Here is how you can have a gorgeous green yard you’ll be proud to show off while still being mindful of the environment:

  • Get to Know Your Yard: You’d be surprised how well you can save water and create an overall eco-friendly landscape simply by doing a little research. Get to know what areas of your yard get the most sunlight during different times of the year, what type of soil you have, and how well your soil tends to drain. This information will help you choose your plants more wisely and build a more optimal landscape.
  • Go Native: Native plants can be beautiful, and they are already perfectly adapted to our sunny Mediterranean climate. Choose flowers, shrubs, ground cover and trees that are native to our region, or those that come from parts of the world with a similar climate, such as South Africa or parts of southern Europe and Australia.
  • Build a Plant Community: Plants co-exist with one another in the wild as part of communities, or ecosystems. You can build your own mini-biome at home by pairing plants that would normally grow next to one another and by choosing a diverse range of different plants that will attract pollinators and support native wildlife.
  • Choose Sustainable Hardscaping: Solid concrete is a common choice for backyard paving, but it’s not necessarily the most sustainable as it prevents water from flowing into the ground. Choose permeable pavers or consider using salvaged, recycled bricks or other hardscaping materials for a more eco-friendly approach.
  • Replace Natural Grass with High-Quality Synthetic Turf: Perhaps the easiest way you can save water and money on your landscape design is to replace your water-intensive natural grass lawn with one made from high-quality synthetic turf. Not only will your yard look great, but you will also be doing your part to prevent water waste, especially during tough drought conditions.

Eco-Friendly Landscape Design

Sustainable landscape design trends top the list of must-haves for Southern California residents looking to improve their outdoor spaces. In cities like San Diego that get little rain throughout the year, green landscaping is a smart move to ensure a more eco-friendly solution that saves time and money. The less you need to water, the more money you’ll save down the line. 

Drought tolerant landscaping incorporates native plants that can withstand a lack of rain and hardscaping that is functional and uses materials that take a more eco-friendly approach. That can mean recycled materials or surfaces that allow for water to flow into the ground when your green spaces do finally see some rain.

Artificial turf is another sustainable option that is a low-maintenance, no-water solution to real grass. Create spaces that keep your natural environment in mind for a less stressful, optimal approach to landscape design.

Bird's eye view of a landscaped backyard with a artificial grass putting green

Landscape Design Ideas With Curb Appeal

Your front yard is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home. Landscape design ideas for the front yard are then focused on curb appeal and ensuring that the drive up is an impressive one. 

Inviting walkways and hardscaping that fits the neighborhood aesthetic, architectural features that look natural with your home’s design and a mix of native plants already adapted to the climate are all great ways to make a front yard pop.  

Consider how your landscaping may change throughout the year, as well, especially if you’re thinking about planting seasonal flowers that may not bloom year-round. If you’re looking at boxed or potted plants, you may want to look into the native wildlife. There’s something special about waking up to bees and hummingbirds buzzing around the flowers you’ve planted.

Lush, green grass may seem impossible for a front yard in San Diego, but we have a fix for that: artificial turf. Front yards can be tricky in landscape design, especially if you’re not dealing with level surfaces. Hiring professionals for the installation will allow you to rest easy, knowing that there won’t be any issues down the line with runoff, pooling water, even the look and feel of your turf after some use. 

US Turf designed eco-friendly front yard landscape using synthetic grass

Design Ideas for Your Backyard

The changes you make to your backyard’s landscape will depend on your needs for that space. To make a space for gathering, consider shade and plentiful seating as part of your design plan. If the focus is on relaxation, think about water features and a mix of hardscaping and plants that will turn your backyard into the oasis it’s destined to be.

Families with children who will use their yard as a play space or those with pets looking to incorporate dog runs or pet relief areas may want to look into more durable surfaces. The artificial turf of today can satisfy both of those needs. Pet owners in particular like that you can choose to install an infill that also works as a deodorizer to keep things not only looking fresh but smelling fresh, too. 

A professional turf installation company can help you identify the best strategy to keep your backyard looking vibrant and healthy for years to come. See our work to get some inspiration about what you can do with your outside space and how we’ve been able to incorporate artificial turf into existing landscapes successfully.

Landscaped backyard with artificial grass

Tips for Installing a Synthentic Lawn in your Backyard

Once you’ve made the decision to make synthetic turf a part of your residential landscape design, choose a company that provides only the best quality artificial grass. At US Turf, we pride ourselves on offering only the finest in luxury synthetic grass in the San Diego area. We know that not all artificial lawn solutions are made to the same standard or quality, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that all our products are safe and easy to clean and maintain.


One thing to consider before you get synthetic turf is the fact that artificial lawns will tend to retain heat more than live grass. If your yard gets a lot of sun during the hot summer months, this effect can be mitigated by getting a subsurface cooling infill or by installing shades over areas where you or your family tend to congregate. Lighter-colored blades of synthetic grass will also stay cooler on sunny days.

Choose Artificial Turf in Landscape Design

Artificial turf is only growing in popularity as a great way to go green in landscape design. It works all on its own as a replacement for natural grass or mixed with live native plants or perennials to give your outside spaces some added intrigue. 

It’s also grown in popularity for homeowners looking for something low-maintenance and budget-friendly while maintaining the beautiful aesthetic your outdoor spaces deserve.

When deciding between natural grass vs. artificial turf, think about what you want out of your outside space. Synthetic grass today looks and feels more like the real thing, without the time and money spent on the regular maintenance required with natural grass. 

Are you inspired to take the plunge on a beautiful new outside space at your home? If you’re a business owner, do you want to make better use of outdoor spaces at your place of business? Request a quote from US Turf, San Diego’s artificial turf experts. We’ll help you meet the vision you have for beautiful landscape design or create a vision with you inspired by what you need out of your outside spaces.

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