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7 Problems With Artificial Grass and How to Solve Them

August 19, 2021

Synthetic grass is a low-maintenance, attractive alternative to natural grass for many homeowners and businesses. That doesn’t mean there are no problems with artificial grass. As with any landscaping project, you can run into issues depending on your planning process and installation.

If you know what to expect with your artificial grass in San Diego, though, you’re more prepared to solve any issues or even prevent problems from happening in the first place. We’re going to go into the most common problems with artificial grass that can occur with any turf installation, especially if you’re doing a project on your own.

You Chose the Wrong Type of Grass

Choosing the right type of grass for your project is the most important first step. You certainly want to choose high-quality artificial grass that looks good. All synthetic turf isn’t created equally, though, and you’ll want to consider what you’ll be using the turf for and how it looks well before installation.

Consider artificial grass durability if you’ll be using your turf as a play area for children or pets. You’ll want a soft landing surface but also a surface that can withstand more heavy use. If your turf is replacing natural grass in an area that won’t be getting much foot traffic at all, think about how to make an artificial lawn look more natural and grasses that mimic real blades of grass.

Different types of artificial grass

The Weeds Are Back

If you had an issue with weeds before your turf installation, the problem won’t go away just because you’re using synthetic grass now. A weed membrane is an easy solution for any major weeds looking to poke out of your beautiful new artificial lawn. If any weeds are especially stubborn, you can pull them just as you would with a natural lawn.

Person picking weeds out of their lawn

Your Turf Looks Lumpy and Uneven

If you install your turf on an uneven surface, the result will be uneven, too. Artificial turf installed on a surface that hasn’t been prepared properly could lead to lumps, in the end, even grooves that could lead to pooling water and water damage down the road.

To prevent lumps and an uneven installation, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a level surface underneath. That can mean laying down an appropriate base and filling in any obvious holes ahead of that installation. 

Suppose you’re looking to install artificial turf in an area where burrowing critters like gophers may be an issue. In that case, you may want to consider an additional layer underneath to prevent them from damaging your turf base. It isn’t likely that they’ll tear through to the surface, but a gopher wire underneath your turf can help prevent unsightly damage that can create bumps and lumps on the surface.

person pressing their hand on their artificial lawn

There Are Holes and Tears in Your Turf

Improper installation is the most common culprit for holes and tears in your turf. Water buildup from a lack of drainage, noticeable seams, uneven surfaces, or simply choosing the wrong base, turf or infill can all lead to damage to your turf. 

If the holes and tears are minor, a turf expert can apply patches or adhesives to fix the problem. With more significant damage, replacement may be the only way to salvage your project. The best way to prevent this kind of damage is hiring professionals for your turf installation to start and understanding how to maintain your turf after the install is complete. 

While artificial turf is very low maintenance, it still requires some care to keep it looking its best. You’ll want to add turf cleaning to your regular rotation of chores. Remove any debris and rinse your turf regularly, and brush out any high-traffic areas.

worn artificial turf soccer field

There’s an Odor Coming Off Your Lawn

This one is easy to identify if you have pets using your artificial grass as their restroom. You’ll want to use a pet deodorizer to neutralize any odors before they become a problem if the purpose of your turf will be a place for your pets to use. Expert installers may also recommend one infill over another to keep bad smells at bay.

It’s always best to clean up any messes, pet or otherwise, right after they happen in an artificial lawn, too. It will keep your turf looking and smelling its best, especially when the weather is at its warmest.

Dog playing in a yard with artificial grass

You’re Dealing With Artificial Turf Drainage Problems

Weather affects artificial turf even in the sunniest cities, and even drought-prone San Diego can get rain in the winter months. If you notice water pooling in areas of your artificial turf after a rain shower or even after you gave your turf a rinse for cleaning, you’re likely dealing with drainage issues. Expert turf installers can diagnose any poor drainage issues before they start, identifying areas where drainage may be a concern in your landscaping project. 

The solution may be as simple as laying down a base that will promote good drainage but can become more complicated. Some projects will require an additional drainage system installed underneath your turf, depending on what the turf will be sitting on top of. This is particularly important when installing turf over non-porous surfaces like concrete.

Professionals will have also worked with several different ground types and recommend a customized solution, as different San Diego soils will require unique strategies.

artificial turf with drainage

You Wanted a DIY Project

You may think that you can handle an artificial turf project on your own, but as you can see, all kinds of things can go wrong if you don’t install your turf correctly. The best way to avoid problems down the line is to hire professionals to complete your project for you. 

The experts at USTurf will help you complete your dream turf project efficiently and on budget. 

Get your free estimate today from artificial grass installation experts in San Diego. Check out our artificial turf FAQ while you’re there to learn more about how to prepare for your turf project and to find answers to your most common artificial turf-related questions.

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