Premium 74

Product Description:

Premium 74 boasts summer, emerald, and beige blades meticulously crafted to emulate a natural and vibrant aesthetic. Renowned for its durability, this product excels even under prolonged use, enduring harsh weather conditions and rugged wear and tear with remarkable resilience. Its summer hues evoke the warmth of sunny days, while the emerald tones infuse a sense of lush greenery, and the beige accents add a touch of understated elegance.

Whether gracing residential lawns, commercial landscapes, or recreational areas, Premium 74 elevates outdoor spaces with its lifelike appearance and enduring performance. Its ability to maintain its pristine condition despite constant exposure to the elements makes it a preferred choice for discerning homeowners and landscape professionals alike. From vibrant summers to serene winters, Premium 74 ensures a consistently picturesque backdrop for any outdoor setting, embodying the essence of timeless beauty and functionality.


Approx. Total Weight:

74 oz.

Approx. Pile Height:

1.50 in.






1.0 lb / psf


16 years

Roll Width:

15 ft.

Blade Type:

W, Ω & Flat

Approx. Pile Height:

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